(special religious development)

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What is SPRED?
-Special Religious Development for the developmentally and intellectually disabled.
-Specifically faith formation dedicated to persons with disabilities.
-Small faith communities in local parishes.
-Inviting place & opportunities for parishioners & persons with disabilities to grow in faith.
-Opportunities for our friends to participate in the Liturgy

At St. Rita, our SPRED program is available for those ages 21+(other age groups will also be available in the future). We meet most Wednesdays from 6-8pm.

For more information, please contact Mary Kinney at 815-519-7066

We truly love the SPRED Program for our daughter. Everyone is so warm, friendly and helpful and what is really special is that persons of ALL abilities are welcome and given the opportunity to thrive in this program. SPRED has truly been a blessing in our daughter’s life!
As always thank you for all you do. The program really, really is a blessing in Megan’s life and I hope others will try it as we did. It’s just so good for her in so many ways- friendships formed, social outings, and of course exploring our wonderful Catholic faith is a way she can relate.
— Maryann, mother of Megan

SPRED Total Community Sessions 2018-2019 (6-8pm in Wahl Hall)

  1. September 26

  2. October 10

  3. October 24

  4. November 14

  5. December 5*

  6. December 12 (Christmas Social)

  7. January 16

  8. February 6*

  9. February 27

  10. March 20

  11. April 3*

  12. May 1*

  13. May 29

*6:30pm Rosary/Confessions in Church, 6:45pm Mass